Like most people do one or twice in their life, or maybe every January, a few years ago I made a list of things I hadn’t ever done or tried. It wasn’t really a resolution list or even a challenge, just a light-hearted list to maybe revisit once in a while and see what has changed in the normal course of my life.

The original list was written in November of 2011… 21 Things I’ve Never Done. >>

Then in March of 2014 I updated that same list but called it “Things I Have(n’t) Done”, crossing off a few items and adding some of the amazing and interesting things I HAVE done throughout my life. Read that interesting list here. >>

Costa Rica trip, January 2016

Fast forward over 2 years later…
Here is my latest update where I’ve crossed out a few more items:

I am now 37 years, 10 months and 14 days old.

And I have never:

Mexico, April 2016
  1. Drank a cup of coffeeDONE! Read about it here >>
  2. Been outside North AmericaNEWLY DONE! UK, Costa Rica, Mexico – Read here >>
  3. Seen the Niagara Falls
  4. Watched “The Notebook”DONE. Waste of 2 hours.
  5. Hunted an animal
  6. Pet a dolphinNEWLY DONE! Swam with dolphins in April. Read here >>
  7. Gone on a cruise
  8. Driven a bus
  9. Run any kind of marathon
  10. Knit anythingDONE! Need Practice at it >>
  11. Tried surfing
  12. Written a novel (Hmmm, STILL working on it…)
  13. Broken a bone
  14. Help sail a boatDONE.
  15. Sat on a Mexican beachNEWLY DONE! Read here >>

  16. Sold anything over the InternetDONE! via my side-business West Coast Creations
  17. Gotten a tattoo
  18. Bungee jumped
  19. Been to New York
  20. Been engaged (to be married)
  21. Tasted a beer!DONE. Not really a fan. 

Here are some NEW items to add to my DONE list…

Interesting Things I HAVE done in the past 2 years: (hover for links)

Bumper Soccer, 2016

Phewph! That feels like a lot in the past 2 years!
I still have a few adventures to write about here (the end of my UK trip!) and a LOT more adventures to come.

UK Adventure, June 2015 – Alnwick Castle (from Harry Potter & Downton Abbey)

What are some amazing things YOU have done?
Share in a comment.