Today’s writing prompt is the word “Notice,” and I’m stuck.

Usually when I sit down to write the words flow from memories, or a personal anecdote, or something I’m interested in. But today, “Notice”….I’ve got nothing.

I tried to think about maybe a time when I received a notice in the form of mail or a bill…but no one wants to hear about those overdue notices. Yuck.

Then I thought maybe I could write something about being noticed, wanting to be noticed, and not being noticed. But I wasn’t really feeling that angle.

Perhaps I could talk about stopping to look at the little things and notice details in the mundane. But I feel like I just talked about that in my “Study” post.

Maybe I could write a short piece of poetry about being noticed? I could even already feel the repetitive line “Notice me…notice me…” but I am super cautious and aware that many people close to me read my blog and I wouldn’t want them too read too much into what I’m saying. I’m not in a weird or bad place right now and I’m not using this blog as a cry for help in any sort of way.

For me, this blog is therapeutic and calming and fun. It’s something I enjoying doing and if any of my personal stories or insights make someone else laugh or feel something or relate, it’s worth splaying some of my insides for the world to read.

So no poetry today.

Maybe I just hope the right person notices my writing. Not for any acclaim or renown for myself. I want the right person at the right time get what they need from my little scribbles. I want someone else who struggles with some of my own stumbling blocks to be able to not feel so very alone on their journey.

Notice me and I will notice you.

You aren’t alone. There is always someone who can relate to what you are going through.
You are noticed.
You matter.

And I say that to myself as well as to all of you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Whatever it is that make you unique and wonderful and quirky and different, embrace it and let it shine! Don’t hide behind yourself, get noticed for who you are.

If you like math, or reading comics, or bird watching—do it, love it! If you are good at tying intricate knots, or playing on retro video consoles, or public speaking—do it, enjoy it! If you really want to learn how to knit, or hike all the nearby mountains, or speak another language—do it, learn it!

Me? I like sci-fi and fantasy TV shows/movies/books, I know a lot of random details about dog breeds, I can sing harmony to almost anything or anyone, and almost every day I listen to nerdy podcasts* analyzing movies or TV.

Don’t let being noticed for your uniqueness hold you back. Pick up your green polka-dotted Pogo stick and hop to it!

There. I did it.
I found my voice and used it to get noticed.

What are YOU going to be noticed for today?

*Podcasts I enjoy: Watching Westworld, Decoding Westworld, Any Given Saturday, The Empire Film Podcast, Game of Thrones The Podcast, Fighting in the War Room, A Cast of Kings, A Storm of Spoilers, Watching Dead, Serial (real-life stories), The Moth (real stories read by real people)

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