I skipped a day of writing yesterday because I needed a day off.

I’ve never written this frequently in my life, barring when I was in school, and even then I don’t think I wrote so much!

I’ve really been enjoying writing every day this month. I stumbled across the “Write 31 Days” challenge a few days into October but jumped on board with both feet.
I had been wanting to write more regularly and figured this would be a great way to start.

Yesterday’s word, humorously enough, was “Off”.

I needed a day off yesterday. A day just to chill, relax, and not put any pressure on myself to really do anything.

I had a few weekend plans, which you can read about here, and accomplished a couple of them.
I watched some Netflix (Walking Dead Season 6 Marathon to catch up for tonight’s Season 7 Premiere!), went for an awesome long evening walk along the ocean with my dog, and even started a few new jewelry projects.

I have today, Sunday,  off as well.

I never used to have Sundays off.
At my previous job I worked all day Sunday and then had Mondays off.
While I liked my Sunday job, and I really loved my quiet Mondays off, I felt my weekends were always so disconnected. I hadn’t had a normal 2-day weekend in almost 12 years!

Now, it feels luxurious to have two whole days off in a row! I even feel like I’m cheating or skipping out on work staying home for two days.

Today the sun is shining and the Autumn air is crisp but I see blue sky and no rain in sight.
Today, my day off, feels full of possibilities.
Maybe a nice drive, maybe a walk on a beach, maybe both! Whatever I feel like on my day off!

What do you do on your days off?

This has been a writing prompt post from #Write31Days, join in the fun. 

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