I am not great with confrontation, good or bad.
I don’t like speaking up. I don’t like when someone argues with me.
I get warm and panic inside as the blood visibly rushes to my face.
I never know what to say in the moment.

I am much, much better at ignoring a problem or letting it get buried deep down.
But that’s never a solution to confrontation.

This September I decided it was high time to confront something head on, no matter what the outcome: my health.

I hadn’t seen my doctor other than briefly for prescription renewals over the past several years so it was time for a check up.

First he gave me an order for blood work for pretty much everything just to have a starting point.
Then I had an appointment to go over all the test results.

Almost everything we tested was flagged at either too high or two low…and not in a good way.
That was not quite a shock but still a little upsetting.

My doctor is on the quieter, more serious side, but he was kind and asked lots of good, thoughtful questions. We put some new treatments into motion addressing my lack of energy, poor sleep, and my weight issues, with which I’ve struggled all my life.

To hopefully avoid taking numerous new medications to lower some of those not-so-good numbers, for the next first six months I am going to try and start on a healthier path with better choices revolving around food and exercise.

Driving home after that appointment I was a bit of a basket case.
The tears flowed and I just couldn’t wrap my head around how I’d gotten to this point in my life.
Not that anything was really bad, just borderline, and I could no longer ignore it.
I was just so very overwhelmed with everything.

This was NOT where I wanted to be.
I didn’t want pain or discomfort or weight to ever hold me back from anything. And I’ve truly tried to not let it, but I has been happening more and more.
Now was time to put my plan into action for me to get healthy.

This had been coming for a long time. And now I was forcing myself to confront it.
But that was a good thing. A difficult thing, but a step in the right direction.

So far, things are going well. I’m feeling good.
We increased the dosage of my thyroid medication and I have more energy than I used to.
I’m making better choices, thus eating better and I’m down 15 pounds since I starting keep track at the beginning of September. A small victory! A battle won, but the war still to wage.

I still tend to get overwhelmed easily and shut down or off and ignore what I need to do.
But I’ve been taking everything a little bit at a time, trying to focus on the small tasks rather than the larger picture and have it overtake me.

I plan my week, taking time to make healthy meals that I can eat for lunch or supper. Lots of veggies, enough protein at every meal, less snacking, and forcing myself to get out to walk or some other exercise when I can.

I’m not thinking about this as a temporary thing…this is my life.
I cannot waste a moment.

I need to confront what’s not working head-on and change, bit by bit, until my life looks and feels healthy and whole, noting holding me back.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks for not judging.
We are all on our own journey.

I’m sure I’ll write more on this topic as the weeks go on, so stay tuned!

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