Most of my life I’ve had a dog as a part of my family.

I begged for one as a child and we got Buffy, a black lab mix pup.

She slept out on the enclosed porch and cried until my mom put a ticking clock under her blankets.

She was a great farm dog for the short time we had her until we moved from Calgary to Victoria.

Once on the west coast, again I begged for a dog.

I caught a wild garter snake and kept it outside in a bucket and told my mom that I would keep it as a pet unless I got a dog.

Not the best plan since most of my family did not…appreciate a snake…so close to the house.

We compromised and I got a budgie instead.

I was never lacking for pets.

I’ve had gallons of fish, two different turtles, cats both farm-wild and tame, a canary, a budgie, a cockatiel, a hamster, gerbils, and guinea pigs.

But I am a dog girl through and through.

In grade 11 my parents secretly planned and plotted and I got a tiny black scruffy puppy as a Christmas surprise.

Sophie was a great family pet, my buddy and pal for 14 great years.

The most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do was decide that she had had enough and hold her while her life slipped away.

I lasted 3 months and once again decided I needed a dog in my life.

I searched for and found Willow, my current best furry friend.

She’s my sidekick, my pal, my unconditional and cheerful friend.

I love all animals but there is something so magical about having a dog know when you’re happy or sad or sick or that you just need them next to you, all warm and cozy.

I’m a dog person and always will be.

And some days, for no reason, a person just needs a dog by their side.



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