I’ve written before about finding joy, about living life to find happiness in the journey and in the little picnics along the way.

Today I want to share a few things that I take joy in, appreciate, enjoy.

I enjoy gardening; from growing beautiful flowers, to branching out (see what I did there) and growing my own sweet cherry tomatoes this year. I take such joy in sitting outside on a warm summer’s day and being surrounded by trees and birds and brightly coloured flowers. I love the feeling of dirt between my fingers. There is something so real and so humbling to see a seed transform into something wonderful.

I enjoy storms. I love lightning and thunder. I remember my mom getting my out of bed as a child if a huge electrical storm was passing over, bundling me up in blankets and sitting out on the enclosed patio on our Calgary farm to watch the shocking fingers of light and feel the rolling rumble of thunder. It was a rare show that I always felt privileged to see. Living on the west coast now I also love our winter wind and rain storms. Maybe that makes me odd, but I love a good blustery day! Especially near the ocean! What power!

I enjoy animals, of all kinds. Dogs, of course, are my favourite, but I feel like animals big and small, hairy or scaly, are kindred friends. I’ve ridden horses as a child, pet moments-old newborn calves, watched my own dog give birth, fed my friend’s flock of hundreds of chickens and collected their dozens of eggs. I’ve swam with dolphins and even had one pull me around his pool and I am fascinated by the lively and social antics of my backyard hummingbirds.

These are just a few of the many things I enjoy.

What about you?

What do you enjoy?