What do you crave?
Are you a bitter dark or sweet milk chocolate lover?
Do your taste buds tingle for some sharp, salt & vinegar chips?

Or are your cravings more visceral, more deeply emotional?
Do you crave attention, or connection, or social interaction?
Or do you crave alone time, some quiet and peaceful moments just for yourself?

For snack cravings, I’m a sweet and salty person. I love milk chocolate and chocolate peanut butter ice cream, but I also find myself drawn to salty chips and buttery popcorn.

I’ve stopped snacking as much as I used to but still chosen to give in to a craving once in a while, just k=to keep me sane! I found that when I was indulging all the time, my cravings began to turn into expectations. My body, my tongue, my mind began to expect those rich treats all the time! Once I cut down, those craving were still there, they just felt a little more special when gave in to them on the more rare occasions.

When it comes to emotional cravings, I do like my alone time.
I think I’ve gotten used to having quiet nights on my own, or even full days of my own company, save that of my furry little friend, Willow.

If my life was different, noisier and full of more people, perhaps I’d crave more quiet. Though I don’t necessarily crave crowds, either, I do enjoy a good fair or outdoor concert event. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather not get stuck in a huge, tight crowd, but I love people watching, from a bit of a distance.

One thing I’ve been craving lately is travel—seeing new places, experiencing the beauty of the world, walking through ancient paths and seeing and breathing in the historical places and monuments up close. I’m giving in to that craving as much as I can, while I can.

Cravings are something that we deeply desire or yearn for that we don’t get to have very often—whether it be time with someone or by ourselves, or that decadent treat or special outing or event we rarely give in to.

No matter what you crave—though hopefully a decent, uplifting thing and not some deep dark unwholesome urge—they are worth having, worth waiting for, and all the more special when we get to enjoy them.

What are some of YOUR cravings?


Five Minute Friday