It’s almost here, the change over to another year and I cannot believe it! Where has 2016 gone? It seemed to fly by, with these past few months moving especially fast!

I took a look back at my posts from 2016 and I was flooded with memories of awesome trips, life-changing moments, and fun challenges. Some highlights—I took a huge risk and went to Costa Rica with total strangers for a vacation and retreat, I traveled and soaked up some sun with close friends to Mexico, I changed jobs, I moved my blog, I started to get on track taking care of my health, and many other little things that brought me joy and introspection this past year.

Here are the Top 5 Posts from 2016 that were view on my blog:


5. My “List” for 2016, posted on January 6, 2016

I am an excellent list-maker and planner, I love researching, whether for a trip or an event or just on a topic that strikes my interest. I am not, however, a great keeper of resolutions. I’ve tried before and I’ve even admitted to being a non-finisher. So I started making yearly Lists, not resolutions or goals I must stick to, more like loose guides and highlights that I wish for. I made a List back in 2012 and then again earlier this year for a 2016 List. I even recently updated my 2016 List with a few accomplishments. Have a look back and watch for a new list for 2017 coming soon!


4. My Costa Rican Adventure, posted on September 9, 2016

One of the biggest adventures I had in 2016 was my trip to Costa Rica, meeting up with total strangers and a singles/life coach blogger that I had been following for a while. That trip began some big changes for my life and fed my hungry travel-bug to want to see more of our world.


3. Confront, posted on October 31, 2016, part of the Write31Days challenge.

This year has led me down a path where I have tackled some large issues in my life, both personally, professionally, and emotionally. One of the most daunting wars that I’ve been ignoring for so long has been my health. This Fall I decided I’d had enough and confronted head-on the areas where I was not being and acting healthy, putting my future life at risk for more pain, problems and disease. It’s been a few months of small battles—some won, some put on hold—but the war wages on and I’m determined to make my life and health victorious as much as I am able.


2. How a Whiskey Ad Made Me Cry, posted on January 8, 2016

I’ve always had a soft spot for anything Scottish or Irish, and especially after traveling to the UK in 2015 (a dream come true!) I have been hyper-awake of seeing places in the media that I’ve visited in person. This ad drew me in right away since it takes place on the Scottish Isle of Skye, one of my very favourite destinations! It’s worth a watch again.


1. Valentine’s Day Challenge!, posted on February 13, 2016

Of all my posts in 2016 this League of Adventurous Singles Valentine’s Day Challenge received the most views! I’d like to think that a good portion came from people who received some of my Valentine’s card & candy handouts. The challenge certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone and left me feeling happy and pleased that I could bring a smile to so many faces.

Thank you to all my readers, friends, family, and followers for an amazing 2016! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the next year to come. Please keep coming back to share in where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and how we can feel not so alone on our journey through life.

Have a very Happy New Year!