Happy February to all!

It’s the time of year for spring flowers and heart candies so I’ve whipped up a fun FREEBIE for you.


It’s the time of year when spring flowers begin to poke through the cold ground and heart candies are everywhere! So, I’ve whipped up a fun Valentine’s Day FREEBIE for you.

I loooove getting freebies—free fonts, cute graphics, cool design elements. I have a few favourite websites I can count on to send me free stuff almost every month.

Back in January, the Creative Market website sent out a set of super cute Valentine’s Animals and I just had to make them into these pretty Valentine’s Day Cards.

The animal graphics were created by the DigitalArtsi shop. Go check them out! They have a bunch more low-priced graphics for sale and the Creative Market has Free goods tab at the top. You can even sign up to receive weekly freebies arrive right in your email Inbox!

Click on the link below to open and download my Valentine’s Day Cards, print them off, and give them away to make someone’s day special!

Last year I participated in a Valentine’s Day Challenge and handed out free Valentine’s and candies at the movie theatre, while walking my dog, and at the coffee drive-thru.

I’d love to hear how you used these cards! Comment below!

Click Here to download – Cute Valentine’s Day Cards (personal use only)