Hey there. It’s been a while.

I feel like this blog has been an old friend, waiting in the wings to welcome me back with open arms.

So here we are. At home. Social distancing or self quarantine-ing.

What do you think of this world we are now living in?

Are you scared? Bored? Stir-crazy? Anxious?

All of the above?

Me, too.

But we are still here. Living, breathing, able to walk, talk, communicate, read, listen, go outside, play, eat, survive.

Each day is a gift. Make sure you stay safe, stay home, stay clean…wash your hands well!

Yes, be informed, watch some news, know what’s going on, grieve with those who have lost, rejoice with those who have recovered, lift up those in need, take care of yourself and your family, give where you can, applaud our heroes and front-line workers.

But don’t forget to turn it all off and just breathe.

Don’t let this situation overwhelm you. Don’t let it rule you.

This, too, shall pass.

If you have faith, embrace it, choose to see the hope, the life, the love around you.

Though you, like me, may be enclosed by walls and not able to do the things you’d like or be with those you love, you are not alone.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

We are part of a bigger world and faith and love and care can win.

There are tools at our fingertips to connect, reach out, talk, chat, type and be together. There are endless things to do via the internet: concerts, museums, live animal cams (my favourite!), galleries, travel shows to visit other parts of this beautiful earth, all right from your home.

Send someone a message, an email, a text. Call your mom or dad or sister or brother. Use a group chat or zoom call to get together with friends and have a few laughs, listen to how they are doing, just get each other out of our mental boxes for a few minutes.

We are not alone. Though distant, we are in this together.

We’ll make it through.

And when we do, let’s enjoy life! Really live! Let’s go places, care for each other more, get outside, talk to our neighbours.

Let’s not waste a single moment on worry.

Are you with me?