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Life, love, and all the little things.


Hey world! Here I am, the face and voice behind “There There Kitten”.

First of all you are probably wondering all about this strange and interesting blog name. Well wonder no further! I will tell some, but not all of the story of TTK’s origins.

I will merely say that no, I am NOT a cat person, but a dog-person through and through! I was the imaginative and precocious child who read the dog encyclopedia front to back several times and can still name about 99% of dog breeds I see. However, I will admit to loving kittens! They are cute and playful and awkward and such fun. But after about 5 minutes I’d like a dog or even better yet, a puppy to cuddle and play with.

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked. The title “There There Kitten” came courtesy of something my sister said and the phrase stuck.

It was and still is meant as a term of comfort in times of sadness or crisis along with a gentle pat on the shoulder. It even may be preceded with raised eyebrows and a longish sort of “Awwww…” followed by the tender “There, there, Kitten.”

That’s the story of my blog’s title.

About me? Well, my name is Kirsten.

I am a fun, quirky bookworm who:
a) loves to write (if I can shake off the beast called Procrastination and the monster called Fear of Failure),
b) adores movies of all kinds (I have a very large DVD collection),
c) must always have a dog in her life (as implied in the above paragraphs),
d) loves God (with all my heart, soul, body & mind), and
e) has brown hair and hazel eyes (with the rest apt to change without notice).

No, I am not married and no, I do not have any real, people-type children yet.
The only type of children I have at any given time are either fuzzy or scaley – My little West Highland White Terrier named Willow (as seen in the above photo banner) and at the moment one, as yet unnamed, Siamese Fighting Fish (hmm, I ought to post a poll and get some help finding him a name…).

I hope my blog and my writing will be an encouragement to others, whether in my thoughts for the day, my photos, my reviews or just in my rambles. I write to let out stress, or to express my creativity or to share with family and friends.

Stop on by anytime, post a comment or two and I’ll be sure to check out your blog, or store or website, too. If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at theretherekitten {at} gmail {dot} com – Kapeesh?


PS – All of the opinions on this blog are my own and all of the writing and otherwise non-credited photos also belong to me. c2012

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