((A quick look at some of my favourite scenic photos I’ve taken.
All of these shots remain untouched and unaltered.))
One of my favourite childhood destinations was always Terrace, BC. My mom was born and raised in this Northern city and we spent many summers at my Grandparent’s home and at the local lake. The mountain scenery is spectacular!
This year I visited Terrace in April with my mom and aunts after my lovely grandmother passed away. We drove from Smithers to Terrace and visited Lakelse Lake, a place holding so many memories for myself as well as my mom and aunts.
We always took over this entire shelter whenever we came out to the lake. There were usually 20-30 of us (cousins, aunts, uncles etc) and we enjoyed many hot dog roasts, card games and Uno cakes here.
There is just layer upon layer of gorgeous mountains as far as you can see!

The canopy of huge cedar trees overhead.

It’s difficult to see the massive scale of these roots and trees. Look for me in a photo below for some perspective.
We often played in and amongst these huge roots. Many photos were taken of us as children climbing up them.

See, they are huge!!!
I love Terrace and Lakelse Lake! One of my favourite places!
Here we are, me at about age 7-8, playing in Lakelse Lake.

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