I wanted to update my blog but I have not had any epiphanies as to what to post, so I decided to share one of my favourite memories with you:
My sister’s wedding that took place last summer, August 2006 (Angie and Tom), I was the maid of honour and we all had such a wonderful day!

Let’s start with the flowers and decorations: Angie bought two tall candle pillars and sprayed them white, roughing up the edges a bit. My mom and all her sisters went to a Lavender farm early the morning of the wedding to PICK the bunches of white and green hydrangea. They also threw in some white lavender and greenery and we bought some white roses. Then Mom and Aunties went to work putting all the table center pieces together, each in a stemmed glass with dragonflies etched on them, and each also meant for decorating the steps at the front of the church (as seen below). They were the BEST floral arrangements I’ve ever seen!

Then came the candles. Angie purchased small glass votive holders and attached a pattered white paper around each, glued on the green ribbon trim and a single dragonfly accent.

There were 3 per table at the reception and at the ceremony they covered the stone ‘hearth’ area behind the couple. So pretty!

The sunlight streamed though the skylights during the ceremony, making it a very bright and pretty moment!

Here is the bride and me getting our photo taken on the lawns of McMorran’s, where we took all the family photos.

We also went to several places around Victoria for other wedding party photos. Guess where this is?

I think this photo looks like something out of a bridal magazine!!

For favours at the reception tables, Angie (with the help of various relatives) made up boxes with two chocolate guitars and topped with engraved guitar picks. Very cool!
(Tom owns a guitar store in Langley – www.act1music.com)

I highly recommend McMorran’s Beach House and Restaurant for Weddings!
Top notch service and food!
We enjoyed a great time with family and friends, good moments and memories, lovely music and fun videos (if I do say so myself!)

And this was the moon rising out over to ocean as seen from the balcony at McMorran’s during Angie and Tom’s reception.
A fabulous ending to a spectacular day!!