Earlier today I had another oh-so-lovely-trip to my dentist’s office for a few fixer-uppers and as I was laying there, staring at the white ceiling I tried to take my thoughts off the grinding noises and somewhere to a place full of fond memories and fluffy, light images.
What did I see in that half an hour of tension-filled prostration?
I found myself recalling my childhood days and some of my most favourite toys to play with.

Here are a few examples of my old friends:

My Little Pony
– The BEST little girl’s toy ever! I still have all of mine stored away for future use either when I have kids or for some really boring rainy day. 🙂 I loved the Sea Ponies for bath time and the baby twin ponies, too!

Barbie – I had a few and the best part was dressing them up, doing their hair and setting up their house and whatever situation we were playing that day. By the time I was done setting up, playtime was usually over. (Thanks for the reminders and memories E!) Tropical Island Miko was my fav, I think it was her really long black hair and cool one shoulder swimsuit.

Cars – HotWheels & MicoMachines!!!! – Sooo much fun! Did you ever have the race tracks that you could put together and loop-de-loop? We did, but I think the racetracks got more use above the fridge….. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!) MicroMachines were awesome! And I always wanted more! It was always a bonus to get a helicopter or boat with a set of cars. Oh and the Micro Machines video games was so sweet, too!

Transformers – Though I think I only ever had one real Transformer, I also had one or two Go-bots – all were played with until they almost stopped being able to transform! The TV show rocked, too!!!! I always thought Bumblebee would have made a good buddy in real life.

Pound Puppies – yes, I have always been a dog lover and these cute stuffed animals were just my cup o’ tea! I had one big one and one small one and always watched the Cartoon!

Cabbage Patch Kid – The craze for these round-faced dolls hit when I was about 5 and My mom battled the stores and first found me a lovely light brown haired gal, but after our puppy, Buffy, got a hold of her and chewed her face off (maybe that’s why I don’t like horror movies??) she found me another dark-haired CPK girl named, Teresa and she even held a crayon in her left had!!! How cool!! I collected tons of clothes, even had some handmade ones given to me. I still have her and her wardrobe packed away somewhere.

Another favourite toy-like item was all my ‘book and tape’ sets – I had a plethora of Cabbage Patch Kid stories, some Disney (Fox and the Hound!), some Bible stories (Blister the Lamb and Gregory Grub!!) etc etc. I loved these and wish I had held on to them.

Ahhhh, the good old days! I am SURE I will think of many more favourites as the week progresses.
But please, leave me a comment and tell me what YOUR favourite childhood toys were!!