((A quick look at some of my favourite scenic photos I’ve taken.
All of these shots remain untouched and unaltered.))
Today I wanted to show a sample of local shots I’ve taken from some of my favourite places to walk or travel through.

This first shot was taken sitting on the outside deck of the BC Ferries one evening. I snapped quite a few sunset photos and randomly kept shooting as we travelled through the islands. For some reason this image stuck out even from all the colourful sunsets.
Although this shot may not be of the highest quality, taken on my older iPhone camera, it still captured the moment of walking along the ocean as stormy clouds gathered and a sudden break in the inky clouds revealed bright white beams of sunlight on a small patch of west coast waves.
This shot is at the top of my list of favourites. On a daily dog walk down to our favourite beach in Victoria, the fog had rolled in and I happened to capture the murky sky and water as they blended together. The lone rowboat was the only way to tell where one ended and the other began.
I had to include this favourite of a sunset along Dallas Road. A much-loved walkway along the ocean where dogs roam off-leash and photographers gather to watch windsurfers, boats, waves and glorious Victoria sunsets. I have many folders of these types of photos but I love this shot.