Here are my first few February 2012 Photo-A Day Snaps:

Feb 1st – “My View” every morning when I walk my dog, Willow. I love my neighbourhood, right by the ocean! And these past few days have been so crisp and cool but I just stop and soak in the warm beams of sunlight for as many moments as I can. 

Feb. 2nd – “Words”, these are taken from an inspirational poster called “Ghandi’s Top Ten Fundamentals for Changing the World”, and it hangs above my desk at work.

Feb. 3rd – “Hands” of a clock that I see everyday. Hopefully a little more creative than usual and a little bit outside of the box thinking. I bought this $2 little alarm clock because I didn’t want to always be checking my phone while sitting at home, and because if I went away I could take it with me since it’s tiny and it has an alarm (although one quite loud and annoying, yet are those not the perfect qualities one looks for when buying a travel clock to assist in waking?)
 Watch for more “Photo-A-Day” posts coming soon!

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