Last year I jotted down a new “List” for 2016.
(Beacuse…back in 2012 I made a “My 2012 List” for that year.)

This was NOT a list of New Year’s Resolutions per se, but more of a list of goals and dreams for the coming year. Things to aspire to, or aim towards, or challenges to complete.

Here are  some updates from that 2016 List.
(Check back after Christmas for my NEW 2017 List!)

My 2016 List: (in random order)

1. Go to Costa Rica!DONE! AND….I’m going AGAIN this coming February 2017. Just booked my flights!

2. See a sloth…a baby sloth, even better! DONE!

3. Jump from a waterfall – Didn’t quite get to this one, although I DID get to jump into some underground caves/cenotes in Mexico.

4. Finishing writing about my UK trip last year! (#kbintheuk) – Not quite done yet, but posts about my days in London and Ashford are coming soon!

5. Start walking more – Getting there, but of course the dreary weather and darker evening do not help. Check my Instagram feed for walk photos.

6. Write more regularly on this blog – I’d say this is DONE! I’ve been trying to challenge myself to write more and I’m really enjoying it!

7. Train more volunteers to cover my media job – DONE! Plus I’ve changed jobs, so I left it in capable hands.

8. Join a co-ed small group at church – No, but I am continuing strong friendships with some amazing people!

9. Clean my spare room – Mostly Done! Some amazing friends helped me tackle the mess!

10. Organize all my craft supplies – DONE! See amazing friends above!

11. Sell my jewelry via a local store or two – I didn’t venture into any stores this year. Maybe next year!

12. Set up my Etsy Shop to sell my jewelry online – Also didn’t get to this. Coming soon!

13. Put up photos and art on my walls – DONE! Finally looks like I live there!


14. Go horseback riding – Ooo, this was a good goal, but maybe next year.

15. Go somewhere snowy next winter – Still time for this one!

16. Get a Tattoo (just a tiny one) – Nope. But I made a pact that I WILL get one after a certain goal is met…you’ll just have to wait to find out when & what!

17. Keep up a more positive attitude every day – DONE! I can honestly say this has been a BIG year for change and working on myself.

18. Do my best to help others around me – I can’t pinpoint a specific example, but the positive attitude has helped.

19. Go skiing/tubing/sledding more next winter! – Still time! A bunch of us had a blasty-blast tubing last January and hopefully will go again!


20. Make healthier eating a priority – DONE! Made some BIG changes, read about it here.

21. Read more (less TV!) – Been trying. The writing more also helps turns off that tv, too.


Do you make lists or resolutions every year?

How are you doing with your goals?